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Quick question, I seem to remember hearing that if you have 2 6500's each with dual sup's and MSFC cards running in SRM HSRP does not work between the 2 6500's. Can anyone verify this?



Re: HSRP and SRM

This is not true by any means, when running SRM the NON-DR supervisor is in an active state but with all VLAN's etc in down state, there is no routing info, arp tables etc so its not a stateful failover feature and as such is not a "live" on the network.

We run this in all distribution and core switches.

This will help you configure SRM

Cisco Employee

Re: HSRP and SRM

DRM and SRM will maintain Layer 3 forwarding entries in the hardware-forwarding table (a function of the Cisco Catalyst OS High Availability feature). The difference is that DRM employs two active routers in the chassis and the SRM employs only one router. So SRM requires a routing table recalculation in the software that DRM does not, but neither has a direct effect on the failover time for Layer 3 traffic.

The following white paper should help

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Re: HSRP and SRM

Thanks for the info. All signs show that SRM is configured correctly. What I am seeing is if the MSFC on SUP(A) goes down, the MSFC on SUP(B) takes over. However since the actual SUP(A) is still up SUP(B) stays in a down state. What I think is happening is that although the MSFC on SUP(B) is now primary no traffic is forwarded because his SUP is in a down state. Does this make sense?

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