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New Member

HSRP between three routers

Hi All

I have three routers (2 x 3550 EMI and 1 x RSM). I want to run HSRP between all three of them - for load balancing.

HSRP has been configured to run between the one 3550 and the RSM. When I installed the second 3550, it only shows that all its VLANs are in a listening state.

How do I go about setting up HSRP between all three these routers?


New Member

Re: HSRP between three routers

One will be active, one standby and the lowest priority device will just sit in listening mode. A sh standby should confirm that it's still seeing and understanding the HSRP hellos.

Re: HSRP between three routers

It all depend what you want to do - do you want all three to be active forwarding traffic? If so you will need three HSRP groups and adjust the priorities such that each is active for a different group.

New Member

Re: HSRP between three routers

Thanks guys!

Yes, I want all three routers to forward traffic - each routing a few VLANs. The new 3550 is configured to have the lowest priorities (ie all VLANs in standby), but whan I do a "show standby brief" , all VLANs are listening.

One the RSM and other 3550, the VLANs all have a priority between 100 and 120 (depending on which is the active router), and the new 3550 has all its VLANs on priority 90.


Re: HSRP between three routers

So just go to the new 3550 config and increase the priorities for VLANs you want to be routed through it.



New Member

Re: HSRP between three routers

You may want to look into a new feature called Gateway Load Balancing Protocol.

Being that this in in 12.2(14) it may not be available in the platforms you are using.


Re: HSRP between three routers

Intresting Link....did not know about GLBP...good to know!!

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