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HSRP function

Hai everybdy,

I am really in need of HSRP Details.Is there any direct physical connection Between the two HSRP peer routers. can anybody tell HSRP operation in short?And is there any sample diagram that shows clearly HSrp operation?I wud appreciate to get the response as soon as possible..

thank u in advance


Re: HSRP function

They need no be directly connected. If it's between two routers then it would normally connect through a switch(s). Instead if the peers are layer 3 switch interfaces (SVIs) then they could be directly connected to each other.

Have a look at this comprehensive link on HSRP.

If there's any part that's still unclear let us know.



New Member

Re: HSRP function

Thank u fro the reply.....

plz if possi cud u help me in this reg?

so if iam using two 3750 switch layer 3 switch ,then the HSRP peers are connected thru cross over cable and configured as trunk?

Re: HSRP function

This is my understanding of your query:

you have 2 layer 3 switches & 2 routers. Your concern is, how to configure HSRP between routers?

Then here is the solution:

Connect your L3 switches directly & create an etherchannel between them. Now, connect your routers each to either switch using straight cable (no need to connect routers directly). Now, go ahead to create HSRP on 2 routers.

Configuration examples are given in the links. Pls browse thru them.

New Member

Re: HSRP function

hai narayan,

i have two layer 2 switches(2960),two layer 3 switches(3750) and 2960 switches to either of 3750 switches.i have enabled "ip routing" in 3750 and i want to configure HSRP peer group in Layer 3 switches(3750).do i have to connect 3750 switches together?

thank u in advance.

Re: HSRP function


Actually it is not mandatory to have a connection between the switches.

The thing you need to understand is that in your topology (without the links between the 3750) the HSRP hellos which needs to flow between the 3750's pass via the access switch trunks.

This is not bad but as a good design, we generally creat a trunk between the switches as well (full redundant topolofy) which carries the HSRP hellos and does not overwhelm the access trunk with this traffic



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