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HSRP/GLBP incoming traffic question


We have the following scenario: two routers in the hub site running one of the default gateway schemes (HSRP/GLBP), both routers receive an E3 link from one carrier but due to budget restrictions only one is active at a time. The idea (not ideal situation) is to switch the E3 connection for the WAN traffic to the backup router when a main router (or main E3 link) failure is detected, obviously with interface tracking, LAN traffic will be also redirected to backup router.

My question is the following, if the router and E3 link are Ok, but the main router LAN interface fails (in this case HSRP or GLBP works for LAN traffic), how could I instruct the carrier to switch the E3 link for incoming WAN traffic? is there any way to automatically shut the E3 interface in this scenario so the carrier can detect a failure and switch the link? or any other idea?

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Re: HSRP/GLBP incoming traffic question

This senario, if you have got back to back connection from router1 to router2 it should solve the problem.


| |

ROUTR1 --Back to Back(Ethernet/Serial)--Router 2

| |


1.Let us take a senario Router1's LAN link failed but E3 link (WAN) is active.

traffic from LAN will come to Router2(active) router.

2.Configure PBR on LAN interface of router 2 to go via back to back connection (as next hop)

3.Now traffic coming to router1 via back to back connection can pass to WAN via E3 link.

4.Even here, what we can do is put a floating static route in Router 1 via back to back link for E3 failure. to forward back to router 2 and use E3 of router 2.

5.Same way incoming traffic from E3 on router1 can be sent to LAN side via router2 using back to back link , then to LAN

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