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HSRP - Hot Standby Routing Protocol

Consider a situation in which customer 1 is connected to the same Internet Service Provider via two links. For redundancy and load sharing proposal I will use BGP. I would like to know if I can configure the routers with HSRP even I am

using BGP.

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Re: HSRP - Hot Standby Routing Protocol

BGP is enough to provide Loadsharing across the links. To provide reliable redundancy in the network we can configure HSRP.

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Re: HSRP - Hot Standby Routing Protocol

If the two links are provided on physically separate routers then yes, you can run HSRP between them to provide a backup service. Just make sure you get the ISP to put the appropriate secondary routes in at their end.


If you have 2 routers, each with an E1 to the same ISP, HSRP between them with the Ethenet ports tracking the Serial, this will work fine.

As an after thought:

Be aware though that if an E1 port goes down, HSRP will kick in correctly HOWEVER..if an Ethernet port goes down it's a different story. The standby router will not know that the active routers Ethernet port is down and will stay in standby. To get over this a colleague is looking at running IBGP using the private BGP AS range. Can't give you an ETA though as he's busy - sorry.



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