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HSRP not failing over

I have two routers in a HSRP group configured to preempt and to track their BRI interface and decrease by 10, making the other router active if the BRI fails. When I physically disconnect the ISDN cable the Active router stays active. It is only when I issue a "shut" on the BRI interface that the active router then becomes the standby. Obviously this means there is no automatic cutover. I am running IOS 12.2 - any ideas how to make this automatic?

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Re: HSRP not failing over

can you post debug q931 / ppp ?

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Re: HSRP not failing over

When I debug this all I receive is "Layer 2 for interface BRI0/0 changed state to down" and the standby priority does not decrease until I do a "shut" on the BRI interface.

The config on th ethernet interface is as follows:

standby 2 ip

standby 2 timers 3 10

standby 2 priority 105

standby 2 preempt

standby 2 track BRI0/0 20

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Re: HSRP not failing over

You are right.

Unless you shut the BRI interface router will not treat that interface as down.

BRI interface will be int spoofing state for routing process.

So you can not track BRI interface in HSRP process.

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