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HSRP on Ethernet and FDDI

1'st let me say, I know this may be a little out of date but for all those seasoned engineers this should be an easy question.

I have users on a FDDI network and I also have users on an ethernet segment. I only have 2 Cisco routers (4500's) Both routers have Ethernet and FDDI interfaces. I also have a FDDI concentrator which may not be needed.

The question: Can I share the HSRP feature of the routers between the ethernet segment and the FDDI segment, even if I use the FDDI concentrator.

Why or why not? Thanks in advance for any explaination!


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Re: HSRP on Ethernet and FDDI


Could you explain the topology in a little more detail? Do you currently have the 2 routers connected to the FDDI and ethernet segments? Are you wanting the ethernet and FDDI segments to use the same IP network? Assuming you have 2 routers on the FDDI segment, then yes you can use HSRP on the FDDI interfaces to create a virtual ip address which the FDDI clients would use as their default gateway. If one of the routers lost connection to the ring, then the other router would continue to forward frames destined to the virtual IP. This is the same for ethernet.

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Re: HSRP on Ethernet and FDDI


may be it's important for you. Pay the attention to the software release.


Bug Id : CSCdu06400

Headline HSRP: FDDI interface will never get reset

Product c7000 Component hsrp

Severity 2 Status R

Version Found 11.2(25)

Fixed-in Version 11.2(26a)

Release Notes

With IOS version from 11.2(19) to 11.2(26), the FDDI interface will never

get reset of address filter when the status of HSRP changes from Active

to Standby. This can lead to duplicate packets. Workaround is to

configure "standby use-bia", or to issue a shut/no shut on the interface.



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