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HSRP on multiple interfaces

Is it possible to perform HSRP with routers so that it operates in the same manner as, say, with the PIX firewall failover(i.e. In the event of a failure on router 1, router 2 assumes the standby addresses of *all* of router 1's interfaces.

The 2 routers in question will sit between a firewall's DMZ and the internet router. The outside interface of the new router is a VPN tunnel endpoint so it must remain consistant in the event of a failure.

My attempts to configure both interfaces on the router for standby leads to error messages (when configuring the 2nd interface for standby) saying there is a conflict between the existing standby ip address and the actual interface address...

Thanks in advance for any help!


Possibly the only solution is to mirror router 1's config on router 2 and move cables in the event of a failure on router 1?

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Re: HSRP on multiple interfaces

Hi Craig:

You should not have gotten a conflict unless you configured something wrong. As long as you did not drive to overlap the standby address with one of the addresses already on the interfaces, you should have been fine.

Could you supply more detail.


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Re: HSRP on multiple interfaces

Thanks for the reply, Steve.

Here's what's happening...

I set an IP address on the serial interface, then enable HSRP and indicate the HSRP IP address for that interface.

Next, I'll go to the ethernet interface and attempt to do the same thing (giving the ethernet interface its own HSRP address). The router outputs an error message to the effect that the network address-space of the ethernet interface does not match that of the existing HSRP address (the serial interface).

All of the sample configurations I've examined show HRSP being activated on just one interface, so perhaps I'm breaking rules here - but for this application (the VPN tunnel termination) we would need both interfaces to be able to assume specific addresses in the event of a router failure.

What I'm really looking for is a solution that mimics the PIX failover feature.

Hope this clears up my original question, and thanks again!


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