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HSRP problem..

HSRP flapping without reason.. is there any order to apply standby commands ??


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Re: HSRP problem..


please call Frankfurt IOC ;-)



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Re: HSRP problem..

Have a look at the "Known issues" section on this page:

Maybe this is what you're experiencing. Enabling portfast on the switches may help.

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Re: HSRP problem..

There is no specific order for the standby commands as such.

Without seeing you config, version, or your topology, its difficult to tell you why it would be flapping.

Assuming that all your other params are correct, and your "debug stand" shows you sending and receiving hellos, you can also try the stand use-bia directive.

This forces HSRP to use the burned in MAC address of the interface rather than the HSRP "virtual" MAC address. When failover occurs, a gratuitous ARP is sent by the active HSRP router. Use this command carefully, as it can also cause other problems.

Let me know if you have other questions.


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Re: HSRP problem..

Hi your flapping is not part of portfast problem, flapping occurs when you have a vlan setup on the layer 3 side and not the layer 2 side (the switch). If you have a 4000 series of switch make sure the switch is seeing the layer 3 side if not you will recieve flapping. You need to setup both the layer 3 and the layer 2 side (switch side.)

On the 4000 series only:

interface g3 and g4 on the router: you need to setup channel group 1 on both interfaces.

On the layer 2 side: say the router card is install in slot 2:

You will need to configure the switch side to see the router.

set port channel 2/1-2 on

set trunk 2/1 on

good luck

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