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HSRP Switching - Two active Vlan Standbys at once...

I have a situation where a hot standby went active on a vlan, while the other remains active. Clients are now logging in and are obviously unable to route out properly. The hot standby that went active is 6 1/2 hours old, while the previous standby is 10 weeks old. Is the fix as simple as bouncing (shut/no shut) the vlan interface on the new HSRP's router, or is there a more involved process to deal with? Both vlans on both RM's are up and running, no errors, and we can ping the clients' desktops on one RM, and the server on the other, but obviously not to each other.


Re: HSRP Switching - Two active Vlan Standbys at once...

check the trunk, make sure you are trunking the vlan

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Re: HSRP Switching - Two active Vlan Standbys at once...

Yes, RM01 (the higher-priority HSRP) is trunking fine, and both switches see each other and their individual RMs. We were able to restore connections by downing the standby router's vlan and bouncing the primary router's vlan to reestablish the HSRP. However, due to client impact, we can't restore the standby yet to see if this stabilizes. Other than a circuit issue the night before, we can't seem to rationalize what happened. According to HSRP "lore", the standby is only supposed to go live if the primary fails completely, and then disengage when the primary restores its connections. In this case, sho standby has the vlan active for 10 weeks on RM01 (primary) without loss of signal (not to mention sho ip eigrp nei, sho frame pvc, etc... doesn't show any circuit failures). Sho log on both RMs is ambiguous at best, RM01 chugging along fine, RM02 suddenly "waking up" and going active. Any thoughts?


Re: HSRP Switching - Two active Vlan Standbys at once...

We have run in to a few bugs with HSRP and MSFC's . I would look start looking for bugs

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