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HSRP with layer 2 switching

I configure HSRP on two layer 3 switches (Switch A-Switch B), Sw A is connected to Router A, Sw B is connected to Router B

But I want to use also the Layer two features of my switch

- is it possible to use these switches also for LAN ?

lets say there is a simple LAN with 1 VLAN and 10 PCs. PCs have two ethernet ports, they are directly connected to L3 switches redundantly.

thanks for helping


Re: HSRP with layer 2 switching


Yes a L3 switch also offers L2 functionality. You can create different VLANs and within each VLAN local communication will be possible between all attached PCs (assuming proper PC IPs).

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Regards, Martin

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Re: HSRP with layer 2 switching

thanks Martin

I want all of my PCs (total ten) in the same subnet

so what should I do is:

1. configure 10 ports of the L3 switch as switchport under VLAN 1 (these ports will conect ten PCs on the same subnet)

One port of Switch A will be connected to router A (2610),

One port of Switch B will be connected to router B (2610). So;

2. Configure one port of the each L3 switches as 'no switch port' and assign IP addresses. Since they are not switchports, I shouldnt create VLAN for them.

3. Configure HSRP

4. Configure EIGRP or OSPF

AFTER ALL: there is one VLAN that connects all PCs,there is one Layer 3 port on each Switches. And systems work :-)

Could you please confirm If I properly understand your post?

thank you very much for helping

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