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Is it possible to have multiple secondary addresses on on ethernet interfaces and impliment HSRP or MHSRP? I only want certain networks to use the standby router in case of failure of main router.




Yes, this works fine. Just make sure that all routers have the same view of what networks are connected (all are on the same primary subnet and have the same secondary subnet definitions).

However, this is not the preferred way to solve the problem because it forces traffic between the user communities to be routed as well. If your routers support MHSRP, use a single subnetwork definition and a different HSRP group for each class of users. In the case you describe, with two classes of users and two routers, you can use the real router address for the default gateway of those users which should be kept off the standby router and only use HSRP for the users which must be protected. (Note that even though this requires only a single HSRP group, it does require using routers which support MHSRP. The reason why is "left as an exercise for the reader." :-)

If the reason for the policy is because the link on the standby router lacks the required capacity to support all users, another approach would be to use policy routing to apply type of service to the outbound packets and then apply custom queueing to control traffic flow. That way, rather than cutting the lower priority users off completely even if the higher priority users are all on vacation, the low priority users can be supported on an available bit rate basis. However, this assume the bottleneck is the outbound link(s) and will not be reliable if the traffic bottleneck is inbound.

Good luck and have fun!

Vincent C Jones

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