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HSSI to dual T1 Interfaces running EIGRP

Currently I have a customer who purchased a 3Meg connection from a Carrier that would connect a site in Canada to a site in the US. The site in the US has a Cisco 3620 with a HSSI interface connecting to an IMUX. From the IMUX there is two Frame Relay circuits that terminate on a single router in Canada. My question is how would or would EIGRP be able to do equal cost load-balancing on the two links in canada? My concerns are that does the IMUX provide infromation on both wires or only one at a time in some form of load balancing algorothim. If this is the case, would the 3620 in Canada be confused with routing updates and in certain circumstances provide routing updates received on that router back to the router in the US.

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Re: HSSI to dual T1 Interfaces running EIGRP

My first thoughts are it will not work at all.

After thinking about it, It is possible to equal cost load balance if the IMUX site has 2 dlci's and they are configured as 2 p-p sub-interfaces. Each would terminate in one DLCI per T-1 in Canada.

In this way, both routers "see" two circuits on different IP subnets going to the same destination with equal cost.



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