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HTTP traffic restriction on wan link


i have an 8Mb vsat link to the internet. the gateway router is cisco7206 IOS ver 12.2. there are two cache engines and multiple routers in the same lan segment. the routers are connected to multiple pops. i am running wccp protocol on the serial port connected to the vsat. 80% of our traffic is just http.

http traffic is served by the two cache engines. i don't want any restriction on the http contents which are already in the cache engines. but if the cache engine does not have the requested content then it will search for that in the internet. there i want to have bandwidth restriction as internationl traffic is expensive.

the problem i faced is , the http traffic to/from the internet are only for the cache engines. the cache engine is doing the all the surfing on behalf of the clients. so the originating ip address is always the cache engine's ip and not the clients original ip. so in this scenario how can i restrict the international http traffic by clients ip?

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Re: HTTP traffic restriction on wan link

Isn't anything sourced from the cahce engine, and outbound on the satcom link, by definition international traffic? It seems like if you do the rate limiting on the satcom link you will handle this. Or are there client which also reach the cache engines via the satcom link, and aren't international?


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