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I am confused about that

I have one 2514(2 ethernet ports)

e0, IP

e1, IP

2 NICs in my pc, one of them(3COM card) connect internet and get the IP from ISP(dhcp), the another(Intel card) IP is

2 ethernet ports of 2514 and Intel card connect to a mini hub, i can ping e0 from my pc and i can ping Intel card from 2514, after i set the default-gateway(2514) to Intel card, i can ping the internet(through 3COM card), but i can not ping from my pc, so i am confused, even i set the Intel card default gateway to e0.

after I set the RIP protocol, like

router rip



It doesn't work,

help me and tell me how to ping the from my pc


Re: I am confused about that

You need to use the config in the below URL:

If it still does not work you will need to contact your cable provider.

Thanks, Mak.

Community Member

Re: I am confused about that

Add a route on the pc to via

(route add or networks file in system32/drivers/etc)

I don't think your add default gateway on intel will override default to internet via 3-com if is does it will break your internet connection. check routes with "netstat -r"

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Re: I am confused about that

thanks a lot

i did this in win2000

route add mask metric 1

and it works, i know that is static, just like i have two routers(win2000 is one of them). i want to find a dynamic way, because 2514 is a real router, i try to setup the bridge mode between e0 and e1, it doesn't work.

anyway, ask one more question, how to connect internet by 2514? my ISP provide cable service, the configuration is:

conf t

int e 0

mac-address xxxx.xxxx.xxxx(3com)

ip addr dhcp

but i can't get the ip from ISP


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