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I can't ping the remote bridge serial interface

Two cisco router 803 were connected through the ISDN , I set these two router as a bridge.I could ping the remote site internal host. However , it was fail to ping the remote bridge serial interface.There was no remote site s0 MAC address in the arp table when I show ip arp. After I put the s0 static MAC address,it works.But stopping pinging for a while,I could not ping it any more ,the remote s0 Mac address was overwriten by the local e0 MAC address.

Why?How to fix it?

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Re: I can't ping the remote bridge serial interface

Unless I misunderstand you, you are trying to ping the bridge interface? This should be analogous of pinging a switch interface, and since you take layer 3 out of the picture this is forcing the router to bounce to its inside interface and then back. If you need to monitor that device, create a loop back interface.

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