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I cannot get the gigabit port switch to work.

I have an ovis switch, and all of the other ports work but the gigaport does not light up. I have tried everything. The home page states that a cat 5 cable will work on the gigaport but it does not either. I have cat 6 wires running all over. I bought a cat 5e cable and that did not work. The wire sequence that I am using is white-orange/orange/white-green/blue/white-blue/green/white-brown/brown. I have a giga NIC. I have 2 servers witch I will hoping to load balance and push out info via that gigabit switch. I thank you in advance.


Re: I cannot get the gigabit port switch to work.

If you're going server-to-server or switch-to-switch, you need a crossover cable (gigE is a different crossover than FastE or 10BASE-T).

If you're going server-to-switch, then a straight-through Cat5/5e/6 cable should work, if it's within the distance spec, has no kinks, twists, nicks, crushes, and has been terminated properly.

Did you make the cables, or did you buy them?

If it's a straight-through (server-to-switch), how long is it?

Have you checked the NIC drivers to verify that they are current?


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Re: I cannot get the gigabit port switch to work.

Hi Scott thanks for the quick response. I am currently running server to server and server to switch. The longest cable that I have is approx. 100 ft. We just bought the NIC and installed the drivers and we have terminated it properly. It just won't give me a green light on the switch.


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