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I screwed up my router SOHO 77 HELP Please !

Hi all,

I have a Cisco SOHO 77 router which my internet provider gave me. When i tried to configure something in it yesterday i erased the IOS software which came with it. Now it´s empty and i am pretty sad because i can´t use it anymore and because i don´t have any access to Cisco FTP to download the IOS software since i can register because i don´t have thos registration numbers it asks me for it. I asked my provider and they can´t help me either so here is the last place i can ask for help. If anybody has a SOHO 77 could you be nice and make a copy of the software and send it to me on a email ? If you don´t know how i´ll tell you.


Best regards

Mihai Marinescu


New Member

Re: I screwed up my router SOHO 77 HELP Please !

I sent you the image you will need to get your router back to operational status. It is quite a large file, if for some reason you are not allowed to accept a file this large. Let me know and I will get it to you by other means. Take care.

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Re: I screwed up my router SOHO 77 HELP Please !

you don't need to have a CCO account. What you need to do is call the Cisco 1800 number on your country and give them the serial number of your router to open a case. You'll find out from the engineer if they can publish the image for you.

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