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I want to be able to manually place ISDN calls to different remote sites easily. Is there a tool to do this on the Cisco 800 routers rather than have to configure the router everytime?

Our compnay has 22 branches and we had a modem dialup system to each site. For this reason all the remote site IP segments have the same IP Addressing scheme.

Similar to using Dial-Up-Networking in Windows on an analog modem or 3Com's ISDN Web Dialer Interface for manual calling, I was wondering if there was a similar tool, so we can have a 2 step process: initiate the call to the remote site by typing in the ISDN number and then after connection establishment, activate the application requirment. Only a single PC will be connected through the router to be used as a management server.


Re: I want to be able to manually place ISDN calls to different

There is a command that can be used to

establish a call for the purpose of testing

connectivity, but you would not be able

to establish a PPP connection over this

call. You can try it to see if it works

for your requirements; the command is "isdn

call interface".

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