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idle timer over reacting

I have setup a PRI in a 3745 for remote access

there are ISDN and Async users dialin users.

The ISDN call are dropped correctly after two minutes of inactivity.

The Async call however are dropped exactly after 2 minutes. It appears as if there is no active traffic recognoised and so the timer starts. If i increase the idle timer the call is only disconnected after that duration.

Can anyone shed any light or offer a possible solution.

The IOS Version is

IOS (tm) 3700 Software (C3745-IPBASE-M), Version 12.3(5), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Many thanks



Re: idle timer over reacting

Have you defined the interesting traffic correctly? It could be possible that some of the PC traffic that is coming through the async line is not defined as interesting and hence the line could be starting the timer. In any case, check all the access lists that are applied and also if there is broadcast traffic being sent on the link. Try the debug ip packet command to troubleshoot the issue.

Re: idle timer over reacting

Just a longshot : Are you using NAT/PAT to change the inside local source addresses, and then using the inside local address in your dialer list?

If so, it will behave like you describe, because the first packet hits the access list with its inside local address, but subsequent packets hit it with the inside global as source.

Kevin Dorrell (CCNP)


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