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IMA Ver 1.1 Support

Does anyone know when (or with what release) Cisco is going to support ATM IMA Ver 1.1 on a 2600 with NM-4T1-IMA??

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Re: IMA Ver 1.1 Support

Starting January 2002, if you are getting the the module before that time, it's not supported.

Check the OAM Lable to find out what version you are currently support


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Re: IMA Ver 1.1 Support


Thank you for those links. I have reviewed both of them and the following was taken from the second link:

The Cisco ATM Advanced Integration Modules (AIM-ATM), when used with voice/WAN interface card (VWIC-MFT), is the only module that supports IMA v1.1. All other Cisco IMA port adapters, network modules, and ATM switch modules support only IMA version 1.0 as of January 2002. Support for IMA version 1.1 on other Port Adapters, Network Modules and ATM switch modules is planned for some time in the future.

The following is from the IMA Q&A doc (dated 9/10/03)

Q. What versions of IMA are supported by Cisco Systems?

A. IMA versions 1.0 and 1.1 are currently specified by the ATM Forum. Cisco support for both versions currently differs according to product type. The Cisco 7200 series router IMA Port Adapters (PAs) support version 1.0 only, as do the 3600/2600 router series Network Modules (NMs). The IMA cards for the LS1010/8510MSR/8540MSR ATM switches support version 1.0 only. The DSL switches and routers, however, support IMA version 1.1. Please note that there is backward compatibility between IMA 1.1 and 1.0. The table below shows the version support per product and platform:

Product Platform IMA v 1.0 IMA v 1.1

Support Support

NM-4T1-IMA/NM-4E1-IMA 3600/2600 Yes No

NM-8T1-IMA/NM-8E1-IMA 3600/2600 Yes No

AIM-ATM 3600/2600 Yes Yes

PA-A3-8T1IMA/PA-A3-8E1IMA 7x00 Yes No

WAI-T1-4RJ48 / WAI-E1-4RJ48 LS1010/8510MSR/8540MSR Yes No

I just need to know when Cisco is going to support IMA v 1.1 on a 2600 with the NM-4T1-IMA and the IOS release that will provide the support.


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