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Images on 6509


i could able to see 2 images name in my 6509

Cat6509> (enable) sh boot

BOOT variable = bootflash:cat6000-sup2k8.7-2-2.bin,1;bootflash:cat6000-sup2cvk9.6-2-2.bin,1;

CONFIG_FILE variable = slot0:switch.cfg

Configuration register is 0x2

ignore-config: disabled

auto-config: non-recurring, overwrite, sync disabled

console baud: 9600

boot: image specified by the boot system commands

on my L3 card(MSFC2)

Cat6509-L3-Main#sh boot

BOOT variable = bootflash:c6msfc2-psv-mz.121-13.E12.bin,12

CONFIG_FILE variable does not exist

BOOTLDR variable does not exist

Configuration register is 0x2102

i could see 1 image,

can you explain why 2 images in 6509 & 1 image in MSFC2?


Re: Images on 6509

Hi Anand,

You can have 2 images on MSFC also if you have availbale space in msfc bootflash it does not make any difference and there is no relation of 2 images in sup and msfc.

But the 2 images which you are having in supervisor the second image is with "Ciscoview ADP Flash Code" which can give you a web view of your switch also.

If you look at the naming convestion you will see "sup2cvk9" where "cv" means Ciscoview.

HTH, if yes please rate the post.


Re: Images on 6509

thanks for the reply, you have specified that the 2nd image is for web view, but when i type

Cat6509> (enable) set ip http ?

server Set HTTP server

Cat6509> (enable) set ip http server ?

enable Enable HTTP server

disable Disable HTTP server

Cat6509> (enable) set ip http server enable

Feature not supported.

why is that so, what should i do for getting the web view?

but if i can see the 6509 in my cisco workz.

does it mean that bcoz of the image "cat6000-sup2cvk9.6-2-2.bin" i can see that in cisco workz?


Re: Images on 6509

Thats because it probably loaded the non ciscoview catos because that is the one that is first in the boot statement and would be loaded if available. If you wanted the other to load you would have change your boot statement and or delete the non CV image . Just do a "show version " to see which image is active..

Re: Images on 6509

lets say that i am uploading the new image, but didn't delete the old image & also i havn't changed the boot statement, so it will boot with the old image isn't? also if i go on ROMMON prompt(using control+break key) & there if i issue a command "boot bootflash:cat6000−sup2cvk8.7−3−2.bin" it will boot the new image, so it won't be a probz isn't?

the reason why i wanted to ask about this is, i don't have any PCMCIA card for testing the new image, so i thought if i du it in this way, i can check the new CatOS iamge thatz why.

Re: Images on 6509

Hi Anand,

Instead of taking the switch into rommon and giving it manual boot with new image I think it will be better to change the boot statement pointing to new image and reload the switch.



Re: Images on 6509

thanks for the reply ankur, but my worry, assuming that something went wrong, does it mean that it will take me to rommon prompt? if so then how do i change the boot statment in the rommon prompt?

Re: Images on 6509

Hi Anand,

If something happens wrong you can anytime manully boot the switch from old image from rommon which you planned for new image and once switch is up you can change the boot statement pointing back to old image.

But you can very well change the boot statement from rommon prompt.

There are some set of commnds like

set --> This commnd will show you the boot variables

BOOT=bootflash: --> This command will be used to set the boot statement in rommon prompt

sync --> This command will be used to sve your changes in rommon prompt

To know more about the rommon commands chceck this link

HTH, if yes plese rate the post.


New Member

Re: Images on 6509

to boot from ROMMON type:

ROMMOM1> boot


ROMMON1> boot bootflash:cat6000-sup2k8.8-5-2.bin

the switch to read the file and continue to boot.

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