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impact of changing vtp server name

Dear Sir,

Please let me know as below:-

1.) How's vtp works?

2.) what's the impact chaging vtp server name?



Re: impact of changing vtp server name

Hi Friend,

I will recommend you to read this doc and come up with your doubts if you have any after reading this doc as I think this document will clear all what you want to know about VTP.

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Re: impact of changing vtp server name


VTP is nothing but a client/server mode.

You can setup VTP domain in your network. You can have a high end swith as VTP server and all other end switches as VTP client.

VTP server will replicate the changes in Network to all its clients. By default a factory outlet Switch will setup a Server mode. Before connecting to the network plz change it to client mode inorder to avoid the network loops getting formed.

It will act as Domain in the network. Do not have low end switch as Server becoz all traffic will traverse via server trunk only so the load will be more and efficiency, throughput will be low.


Guru Prasad.R

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Re: impact of changing vtp server name

Thank gure and everyone that helps. but can we chance the vtp server name in a running server / client network environment. :)

Re: impact of changing vtp server name


Do u mean to change the hostname assigned to the switch.if u mean this then u can change the name of the switch which is vtp server.



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Re: impact of changing vtp server name

Hi mahmood and everybody,

what i mean is to change the vtp server name , not hostname . is it "hostname of the switch" = "vtp server name " ?

Please advise.

Re: impact of changing vtp server name


where u find vtp server name...can u post that out put so we can guide u properly...and also will clear the VTP servername (hostname) or VTP domain name...

if u change your hostname it will not creat that much problem...but when ever u r going to change domain name then it will creat problem in switching network...

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Re: impact of changing vtp server name

Hostname doesn't have anything to do with the VTP domain name.

VTP runs in 3 modes - Server, Client and Transparent.

In server mode you could add VLANs and it gets propogated to all other servers and clients if the domain name is the same. In client mode the switch only gets VTP updates and uses it but you can't add vlans. In transparent mode the switch that gets the update from the server forwards the VTP update but it doesn't use itself.

When you say VTP server name I assume you must be taking about VTP domain name. If you change the domain of the VTP server and if that's the master server then you could isolate that device from the other switches and it may result in a network outage.



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