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interesting problem with a 3600 router

Have you ever come across this?

-3620 router goes to rommon prompt with message

"Loadprog: bad file magic number: 0x0"

" boot: cannot load flash"

---I have gone through all the documentation on rommon and related, but couldn't resolve this.....

---this router will not except config register of 0x2102 .....It will force 0x3922 (could be different as I'm not close to that router/not in network either)...

Anyway, worked with a TAC engineer and only way we could make it to go to ios prompt by having this in config

boot system flash <filename> but still it's going to rommon every now and then .... (btw, no hardware error messages>

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Re: interesting problem with a 3600 router

either flash is broken or IOS has been deleted from the flash.

If the flash is broken you must replace otherwise a new IOS must be reloaded.

Reloading a new IOS is definitely long running process for 3600s. I recommend you to find a small-size IOS and load it by using XMODEM via rommon. After finishing this, you should replace it with original copy of IOS by using TFTP which has fairly good download speed.

If you are not able to change confreg this is a bigger problem. Probably your router needs to be serviced.

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Re: interesting problem with a 3600 router

I know this may sound a little crazy but, I had the same thing happen to me. I shut down the router and removed all cards. Rebooted, shut down and reinstalled cards, rebooted and all came back. Worth a try?



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