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interface bounce after a reload!

I hope some one can answer this. The problem is after a reboot or reload of the router the serial interface continues to go up and down untill I shut it down and then turn it back on. Or reboot the router with out the serial cable pluged in and after the router is up plug the cable in, the serial interface will come up and stay up.

The specifics are: wic t1 csu/dsu, runing frame-relay with multiple point to point subinterfaces. I have experianced this with 2 different routers running different IOS versions. First is a 3620 2 wic t1's one internet one to provide dsl service. IOS is 12.0(6)enterprize plus. I have about 80 sub ints on s0/1. The other is a new 2651xmv with 12.2(6)t [ i think, would have to check for sure.] This router has one wic t1 with 17 subints configured and 2 active as I have not installed the other routers yet. I have a second 2651xm with the same version of IOS and two active subints, but with voice that I can reload and not have the interface bounce. the configs are identical exept for router name and ip addresses. Any sugestions on what to look for? Has anyone found a cause for the bounce? I realy need to fine a cure! AS the wan is scheduled to be completed by march 1, and I do not want this problem biting me in the ass later.


Re: interface bounce after a reload!

I would suggest running a debug serial interface or a debug frame to find the root cause of this problem.

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Re: interface bounce after a reload!

Enable 'logging buffered' and paste the output here. Run a debug as suggested above.

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