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interface Dialer X down????

I have a four 3640 routers each with a PRI interface in a network with over 60 sites dialing into any one of these routers. EIGRP coordinates which router is holding the incoming call. Similarly any outgoing call from the Central site is coordinated with the other central site routers using EIGRP. This works exceedingly well. However one problem is that if one of the PRI's goes down that router will still try an outgoing call on that link using the spoofed interface Dialer X. It seems that if the PRI goes down the attached Dialer interface remains up. I would like to use a floating static to point to another router for this destination but there seems no way of doing this if the Dialer interface is always up.

Any way of forcing dialer interfacess down when the PRI goes down?

John D

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Re: interface Dialer X down????

Right..The dialer interface will stay in up/up "spoofing" mode which will break the routing design if pri goes down.

The request is already made to reflect the status of PRI (d channel) interface to all the interface linked with it( e.g dialer interface).

Now to workaround your problem, get rid of dialer interface (if you can) and point the routing to use the physical interface (d channel) like

ip route serial0:23

along with floating static route to other router's interface ip address (exa like this

ip route 200

So the first route get flushed from the routing table once the PRI/interface serial0:23 (which is the d channel) goes down and the second route statement will be effective in place..

Hope this helps..Thx..Tejal

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Re: interface Dialer X down????

Many thanks for the prompt reply. I 'll give it a go.

Johh D

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Re: interface Dialer X down????

I tried to point the IP route to the D channel and in this circumstance I could not even make a call.

ip route "remote subnet" serial0:15 ( uk)

Is there something else I need to do???


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Re: interface Dialer X down????


You can use dialer watch. It works fine anywhere I have configured it. Be carefull to use IOS 12.1 or so, I think that after 12.0(9) dialer watch bugs have been fixed not sure on the version though.

With DW you watch specific route, for example the address of the remote router, when the PRI goes down that route is lost and DW initiates the backup call.

Very simple (not as simple as floating though)

Hope this helps

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