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interface errors on trunk port

I have a 3550 switch that is connected to a Catalyst 6509 switch. The ports on both are configured as trunk ports with ISL encapsulation. Both ports are running 100 full duplex. My 3550 is generating a lot of input errors (no output errors) and runts on the interface set as the trunk port. The trunk port on the 6509 end shows no errors at all. Performance on devices plugged into the 3550 are suffering due to this. I am not sure where to go with this, what could be causing this? I have swapped the cable out. what would make errors on one end of the trunk but not the other?

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Re: interface errors on trunk port

perhaps this is a Software Problem, i had a Problem like that between 2924 and 6509 and fixed it with a Softwareupdate on the 2924 Switches.

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Re: interface errors on trunk port

This sounds like a duplex problem. On a connection, if one side is full and the other is half, on the full duplex side you will get runts and on the half you will see FCS. Verify that the two ports are 'hard' config at 100 full, clear the interface counters and watch it. If it persist, I would validate my trunk configuration-make sure ISL is running on both.

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