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Intermittent internet on some computers

I have a DSL modem connected to a Cisco Soho Series router connected to an 8 port switch. There are 4 Windows computers connected to the swtich. On 2 of the computers I can connect to the internet and terminal server just fine. The other 2 computers have problems connecting to the terminal server (It takes about 5 tries to establish a connection). Also on those computers I have trouble accessing certain webpages either they come in after 10 minutes with no pictures or time out completly ( does this). Also once I get to a website such as when I try to click on a link within the same website it will time out.

I am pretty confused since all 4 computers are set up the same way. I even had just one of the computers I am having trouble with hooked up to the network by itself after I reset everything and it still had the problem.

I moved a problem computer to the connection where a good computer is and same problem

I can connect a trouble computer directly to the DSL modem and it works fine and I also hooked all 4 computers to a linksys cable router and they all could access the internet with no problems. It is only whe I use the Cisco router that I have this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Intermittent internet on some computers

You can probably use 'ping' and 'tracert' commands on the PCs to find where the packets are getting dropped and then attack the issue.


Re: Intermittent internet on some computers

Check the DNS setup on the bad computers.

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Re: Intermittent internet on some computers

Narrow down as which subnet are the problem computers in and work from there. We probably need the configuration of the router. You may call our TAC 24x7 at 800-553-2447.




Re: Intermittent internet on some computers

OK I solved the problem.

I narrowed it down to Windows XP, MTU, and PPPoE.

I adjusted the MTU speed of one of the Windows XP computers to 1492 and this cleared up the issue.

Then I had the router adjusted and the other Windows XP computer started working fine. Then I reset the defaults back on the one I changed and it also continued to work.

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