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Internet access authorization

I have 8 LAN segments. I wannt to grant internet access based on IP-MAC address matching and username-password matching (like auth proxy and dynamic ACL) something like windows clinet that authenticates on every X minutes. Please send me a solution (type of router , AAA server, clent etc...) to accomplish this without changing my IP address sheme. Thanks in advance


Re: Internet access authorization

You can use auth-proxy or CBAC on your routers. What router do you have at present ?? You can use Cisco ACS as your AAA server.

If you go for a 2600 router, with a IP and firewall +IDS feature set, it would need, 32 MB ram, 8 mb flash, the release of IOS would be 12.2(8)T

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Re: Internet access authorization

I know that auth-proxy is a solution, but i wannt users to be automaticaly authenticated by some windows client on every X minutes. With auth-proxy they must type password by hand on web page ! I need some Radius or TACACS clent that runs on windows mashine - any suggestions...

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