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Internet connection


it is a question which does not have a great relationship with Cisco.

in the case in large company how to choose between an access Internet by ADSL or access via a specialized connection? which are the favours and inconveignents of each one?

Thank you

New Member

Re: Internet connection


is it a good idea to choose an ADSL connexion to internet in the case of a big company and a great number of users?

help please

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Re: Internet connection

any idea?

Re: Internet connection

Well, that partially depends on a few things. The number of users, the degree of reliability desired, and the type of DSL.

DSL comes in many varieties from IDSL (128K bi-directional) to very high bandwith forms of ADSL (128kbit-4Mbit upstream, 128kbit-7Mbit downstream), to SDSL (symmetric DSL - same speed bidirectionally) of which I've seen at least T1 speeds. Not all providers offer all types of DSL.

Reliability is usually not nearly guaranteed as well on a DSL circuit vs. any type of leased line. So, while you might get a full T1 or higher of bandwidth, if it goes down you might wait several days to get someone working on it while with a T1, they get right on it..

ADSL forms have much lower bandwith "up" (ie: to the internet), while quite a bit higher "down" (from the internet). These are usually not very good for high end corporate use, since bandwidth tends to flow both ways due to on-site web and mail servers.

So, how many users in the company, how many will have Internet access for web browsing, how many mailboxes and as much other information you can gather would be quite important. A DSL circuit might handle you depending on how many people you have online at once, but odds are you will need to move to a T1 or T3 to handle a large corporate environment. If you do go with a DSL connection, you would probably want to go with some sort of premium provider that offers SDSL service also so you get the same speed in both directions.

Good luck!

Re: Internet connection

Offline text from user

>currently, we have an internet connexion with an LS >256k.

> the provider offers an ADSL connexion 1M/2M ,we >discuss the possibility to move to ADSL 300 person >have internet accès and nearly 3000 mailboxes.

>Thanks for your help.

Well, I would say that with that high number of users and mailboxes that you will most likely saturate a 256K line, although depending on usage, it is definitely possible that a 1M/2M line could handle the 300users/3000mailboxes...

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