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Internet Connectivity Question

Hi there, here is the diagram of what i want to setup:

Internet ---(ADSL)--- Modem(bridge) --- Cisco1720 --- Hub

and the hub as a couple of web servers attached to it, and then connected to the hub is another router which gives the private LAN access to the internet.

I need to know how to setup the cisco1720 to be able to give the web/mail servers access to the internet. However, my problem is that the ISP has given us 6 IP addresses to use, and i need to set one IP to each server and one IP for the Cisco router.. how do i set that up so that when i ping say - and thats the web servers ip.. it goes through the cisco router and then to the web server ?

im thinking the router is acting as some sort of a bridge, but im confused..

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Re: Internet Connectivity Question

Would i use the:

ip unnumbered FastEthernet 0

command ?

that will use the same IP i get from the ISP (which is static, it will always be the same) on the FE0 interface.

And then, i can setup my Web server and mail server to use one of the other IP's in the same subnet that the ISP has provided me to communicate with the FE0 interface on the router ?

Will i also need to specify the NAT pool as that range of IP's ? for example the ISP has provided me -

ip nat pool Internet-Pool-1 netmask (dont know it yet)

and then ip nat inside source list 1 pool Internet-Pool-1 overload

will that work ?

and if i specify the WAN port on the other router to one of the IP's in my range it should allow the private LAN to connect to the internet ?

yes/no ?

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