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Internet Router-Cisco 1841

Dear All,


I have One Router connected to the Internet through MY ISP.


this Router have 2 Interfaces as following :-

A.Int F0/0 :-

description Interface connected to ISP-ROUTER

ip ddress

duplex auto

speed auto


B.Int F0/0 :-

description Interface Conected to PIX-Firewall

ip address

ip access-group 103 out

duplex auto

speed auto


the Version of this Router is Cisco 1841.


Now for some test , i have another router which is 2801 without any Configurations.

My question is , can i build or make the same confiugrations with the same settings of IPs on the Interfaces, exactly as Cisco 1801 , and i will connect it to the Network , unless the first router get down .

so do you think it will work, so when ever the Router 1841, get down or something happen with it, i will directly shut down the first one and unplug it from the Power and put the another one 2801 and start working .

is that possible or not ?


Re: Internet Router-Cisco 1841


What you are saying is possible. The configuration in 2801 would need to be exactly the same as the 1841.

The other thing that you can do is configure the 2801 exactly the same as the 1841 except the IP addresses and then connect it your network! Also if possible for you, you can configure the routers with HSRP or GLBP and then you would have a redundant setup. You wouldnt need to take out cables from one router and plug them into the other, it will happen automatically!

For more on HSRP and GLBP, refer the following link-->

Hope this helps!!!



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Re: Internet Router-Cisco 1841


It is not advisable to connect router 2801 to the network having the same config which router 1841 has.

Instead, it is better to keep your 2801 router ready with same configuration and mount it on the rack and power it .

In case of any failures, only thing you need is to swap cable from your existing router to this new router. This will minimize your network downtime.

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