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internet vlans

Hi all, when people create an internet vlan, is this used for people browsing the web and they dont see any other parts on the local lan, or are they for servers etc which are shared on the web ?


Re: internet vlans

Hi Carl,

if i would hav understood your question properly, then my answer would be....

there is nothing like internet vlan, in your scenarion, you wanted some set of network users to access only the internet & some set of network users to access only the vlan, YES ofcurse it is possible by creating two different vlans & one vlan for internet & other of the local, let servers be on vlan 2, dsl broadband modem be on vlan 3 & the non-internet access users be on vlan 4, create an access-list, so that vlan 3 cannot access vlan 4 by giving deny statement & let vlan 4 & vlan 3 access vlan 2 by access-list permit statement. hope you understood, if not please lemme know or tell me your exact requirement.

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