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InterVlan Routing Doesn't Function Properly with HSRP

I have the Following Problem

I have various Vlans created in my 6509 Switches

and im doing Inter-Vlan Routing in the same Switch with 2 Router Modules per Switch. I have configured HSRP in the 4 Router Modules.

The problem is that when i try to ping a host in a Vlan A from a host in a Vlan B , i can't pass the Router modules where i have the Intervlan routing proccess created.

if im in Vlan B i can reach the default gateway of Vlan B and Vlan A , because this is created on the same Router module of the switch , but i can't pass to a host in the Vlan A.

What could be the Problem?????

These vlan's are directly connected i don't have to configure Static Routes or Dynamic Routing Protocols.

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Re: InterVlan Routing Doesn't Function Properly with HSRP

Since you suspected that HSRP does no work properly with vlan routing. I would suggest that you should take HSRP off (with an outage notification of course) and see if your vlan routing does work or not. I don't know that your config is but from your description, I have a feeling that you might have misconfigured your vlan A clients.

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