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Intervlan Routing


I have a cisco router 2509 IOS 11.1 and a Catalys 3524. It necesary implementing Vlan and i need to apply access-list for control access into the vlan.

But There are any form to configurate virtual ethernet interfaces to the physical interface and implementing isl to provide routing intervlan.

Or i can to apply secondary Ip to the interfaces and put the switch in multi vlan, Whith this I can to apply access-list for traffic control inter vlan.

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Re: Intervlan Routing

Yes. You have to sub-interface the physical interface.

If your physical interface is called S0

The command is int s0.1 for the first, int s0.2 for the second and so on. Then you need address each sub-interface to be on the appropriate VLAN.

Good Luck

Barry Hart

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Re: Intervlan Routing

I think what you mean is that you cant define sub interfaces on the main interface to be able to do inter-vlan routing. This is a function of IOS. You will need to check ur IOS. IP PLUS will be required to be able to do this.

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Re: Intervlan Routing

Try this link.

You're not going to be able to do this with the 2509. If my reading is correct, you need a FastEthernet or 10/100 port on the router.The 2509 only has a 10mb port so I don't think ISL will work for you. You second solution sounds similar to the first, a trunk would still have to be in place to pass the VLAN traffic to the router.

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