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intervlan routinng problem - flapping

Hello all,

In our we had 2 cat6506 with msfc2 (catos 6.4(19),) intervlan routing was ok.

But today we're tried to add 2 cat6509 with sup720 for LAN in DC, i've configured int vlan,

all switch i can ping , but ip address (hsrp) for vlan 1 is flaping

for ex: i can ping it with success for about 5min, and then sudenly all is going down , no ping from host to virt. ip,

Could You help or any suggestion?



Re: intervlan routinng problem - flapping

From the vlan where the hosts are failing to ping the virtual ip, can you ping the actual ip of that interface vlan? Look for the status changes on that HSRP see if there is an excessive status change - show standby vlan x. Check the spanning for that vlan - works for 5 mins which is the cam aging timeout - 300 secs. might be related. Ideally you want the switch with an active HRSP be the root for that vlan as well to prevent assymetrical path.

I hope that helps.

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