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IOS 12.3.6 2501 IP Plus

I have an old, (I use it for testing purposes), 2501 router. I noticed 12.3.6 was released, so I wanted to see if the bug that infiltrated 12.3.5 was gone. I downloaded the IP Plus image and after a few attempts realized the image was to large to fit into the 16MB of flash that I have. Is this an oversight? The IP only version is a bit smaller so I'll test with it until someone makes the IP Plus image a little smaller. My flash is 16,777,216 bytes, the file is 16,940,736 bytes.

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Re: IOS 12.3.6 2501 IP Plus

Use to following link to determine the IOS that is appropriate for your hardware.

Note that the 2501 has reached end of life, and may no longer be supported on future IOS releases.

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Re: IOS 12.3.6 2501 IP Plus

I know the device is end of life. The problem is Cisco built an 12.3.6 image specifically for this router that will not fit into the flash. This message is to ensure they are aware of it. The router I have is maxed out on memory and flash.

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