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IOS upgrade


I have a new campus that just came up and was engineered for voice and data. My older campus with several vlans have no voice. I want to implement two cisco ip phones on one of the vlans on the older campus. My questions is. Can I support voice packets with the following hardware if upgraded to the minimum software required for voice:

Cat4006 w/ SupII engine, 34-port Routing Blade, 48-port Switch Blade, and two 6-port Gig Blades.

3500-XL switches

Also, where is the best location to find a basic guideline for configuring voice both on the Cat4006 and 3500-XL switches.

Thanks in advance



Re: IOS upgrade


for the exact IOS code to be used up in ur catalyst boxes do refer this link.

for the config info on both 4006 and 3500 do refer the below mentioned links..

Note : to access the s/w feature comparison link u will be prompted for cco id to login


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Re: IOS upgrade

Thanks, so far this has become very helpful.


Re: IOS upgrade

Hi Carlos,

For connecting ip phones on switch you need not worry because ip phones send frames same as that of workstations only difference is that the payload has voice instead of data.

Now it depends on you what priority you have to define for your voice traffic.

Mostly all the switches support voice vlan and auxillary vlan in CATOS. Like your catos on 4k switch you can configure auxillary vlan which will sutomatically assign a high priority which is 5 to the traffic coming from ip phones. Same way on IOS switches you can define voice vlans as well as data vlan on same port and traffic coming from ip phones will be internally tagged with dit1q encapsulation and data frame will be untagged,

Only thing you need to think how to provide power to your ip phones. There are some switchesd and line cards which can provide inline power to the ip phones or else you can provide external power to the ip phones.

This link will give you detail how to configure voice vlan config on CATOS and IOS switches.

IOS switches like 3550 and above:

CATOS switches:

You need 5.5(1) and above to configure aux vlan on cat4k switch

Details to configure Voice-over-IP Network read this doc (Nice and detail doc)



Re: IOS upgrade


Your 4006 Chassis, doesnot support Power over ethernet. So if you have power-over ethernet modules they will not be able to provide power to IP phones. You need an auxaliary powershelf WS-P4603-2PSU to support the power entry module. If you have IP phones with external power adaptors, then you are good to go. If you have IP phone s which require the interal power supplies from your POE modules you need the Shelf.


-amit singh

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Re: IOS upgrade

I appreciate your response. I will not be connecting any phones to the 4006, I will be connecting them to a 3500XL switch. I do have power cubes for the 7900 series phones that I will use to provide power to the phones.



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