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IOS Version and upgradation

Hi all,

Below mentioned is the communication my company recieved from our uptream provider.

Cisco Security Advisory (CSA), which is the arm of Cisco, advises their customers on all Cisco products regarding any networking problems and bugs, etc., from time to time. You are aware that VSNL uses Cisco routers in its network. Recently, CSA has discovered a unique problem, which, if not attended, may make Cisco routers vulnerable to a possible DOS attack in the network. CSA has advised all Cisco customers to attend to this issue by up-grading the IOS (Internet Operating Systems) in its network devices.

Could any one please let me know what is the most superior IOS image I can install in my 4500 series Cisco router which has the right patches to resist the above mentioned bug.And also could any one please tell me the source for updated IOS for 4500 series and how could I get it.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: IOS Version and upgradation

Here is the only advisory I have seen in the last month. Your is not very specific

Hope this help

Re: IOS Version and upgradation

Need to know what IOS you are running on your 4500 right now. As in the other post, find out which IOS you need to upgrade to. Before upgrading you will need to also find out if the hardware on your router are supported by the newer IOS version. Use Software Advisor to check that compatibility. To get an upgrade, you either need to contact your reseller, or if you have a CCO login, you can download the image directly.

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Re: IOS Version and upgradation

While Shanky is right in general terms, the bottom line is the 4500 will not run a version of IOS that is immune to this problem. You should concentrate your efforts on finding the patch software for your currently installed version of IOS. As in the previous post, this info can be found at:

Good luck.

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