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IP Accounting shows one of two parallel paths was under utilized!


I have a problem with one of my Cisco 4500M router:

The router has two redundant T1 (frame relay) connected to other offices and it runs IOS 12.1(13) - GD. The routing protocol is EIGRP and has the default Per-Destination load balancing enabled.

However, when I enabled "IP accounting output-packets" on all subinterfaces of one serial interface, it captured thousands of entries in the buffer but the total traffic was only added up to a couple of Mb. I tried to play with the Bandwidth and Variance settings, as well as Static Routes vs Dynamic Routes, the results remained the same. Show interface output shows that Tx load was low (a couple of packets per second) and Rx load was high (150 packets per second).

My question is that whether "IP accounting output-packtes" won't be able to capture what I am looking for, or something wrong with my configuration?

Any suggestions?


Chris Z


Re: IP Accounting shows one of two parallel paths was under util

I do not quite understand your question. Depending on the traffic, the send and receive counts need not be the same, typically for file transfers where traffic is predominantly in one direction.

Nor would you necessarily see equal utilisation on parellel paths since the default load sharing is at the session level. You can force the router to load share on a per packet basis for equal utilisation by disabling fast switching, 'no ip route-cache' on the interface but this is not recommended as it will severly impact the performance of the router.

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