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IP address conflict

Recently during deployment of a Sun system, I had a system go down (Micorost system) do to IP conflict with the system that was being installed, no error on the Sun System. The systems were on the same network 172.20.207.x. but the duplicate IP address was never used. The outage was tracked back to the newly installs MAC.

What we did notice was that when the sytem started, and the gateway was added, routing traversed two gateways. Has anyone had a switching/routing conflict that caused duplicate ip address conflicts without using the same IP.


Re: IP address conflict

You might have a loop in your network somewhere causing the station to see it's own address .

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Re: IP address conflict

The wierd thing was when we monitored the routing it traversed both gateways. The IP address we put in was left up over night and did not affect the Microsoft server. Also, the time frame was a little more than 15 minutes from first initial reboot. That is, supposedly the duplicate address occurred in the first setup of the unix server.

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