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IP Address conflicts at new sites

I'm posting here because I don't know where else to take this discussion. I work for a school district with 24 remote sites. 17 of those sites have been upgraded over the last few years. Everything is set up the same way at those 17 sites. Older sites have 3750 or 3750-X MDF's with 2960S IDF's. We don't have any issues at those sites with IP address reservations. All of our DHCP is done via Windows Server 2012. We have two servers set up in an active/passive failover configuration.

At the three of the last four sites we have setup, we have 3850 MDF's. The last site has 4500-X's in the MDF in a VSS configuration. All IDF's are still 2960-S switches. As stated before, we have the same configuration for all sites. At these last four sites, we frequently have printers with DHCP reservations created in the servers show up as "BAD ADDRESS" when viewing the leases. These DHCP scopes are set up in an identical fashion to the sites that don't have any problems.

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