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IP address on a remote host accessing a 5350 server

Ok, I am looking for the porper verbage to explain to my boss why he is getting the IP Address, Mask, and Default Gateway that he is getting.

I have a local pool setup on the 5350 : "ip local pool haz_dialin".

He gets the following from the IPCONFIG command :

My IP address was

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway

DNS Server

Help me to explain the subnet mask and defualt gateway to him. He is expecting to see the mask and gateway of the internal network. I tried to explain that it is different because of the pool, but he wants an in depth explanation.

Thank you,



Re: IP address on a remote host accessing a 5350 server

If you enable "debug ppp neg" when your boss dials in, I think what you will see is that the mask and default gateway are NOT being negotiated; ie, the 5300 is NOT sending this info to the PC. Rather, the PC (PPP Peer) is assuming a host mask ( which makes sense since this is a point-to-point link, and the PC is defining the default gatway as it's own address, too. This may seem incorrect, but in the end the importance of a default-gateway is that it specifies which interface to send the packets out, and since is associated with the PPP interface at that time in essence the PC sends all data out the PPP link. At any rate, it's the PC that is assigning these addresses.

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