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ip address overlapping between a Vlan and a no switch port in catalyst 3650 mls

Hi there

i have a serious problem in my network that i need an urgent solution for

i have got an 2811 router and a 3560 Cisco catalyst switch 

the 2811 router has two interfaces (f0/0 & f0/1) 

f0/1 is connected to the Wan and f0/0 is connected to the 3560 switch through f0/2 port in the switch 

i made f0/2 in the switch as no switch port 

i created an SVI for Vlan 1 and i have given an IP address to INT Vlan 1 , when i am trying to give f0/2 an ip address from the same subnet of int vlan 1 , it tells me that there is an overlapping with Vlan 1 subnet 

how can i solve this problem 




HiBecause the made fa0/2 on


Because the made fa0/2 on the switch a routed port (no switchport); vlan1 and the link between the switch and the router now resides in different broadcast domains and should therefore have IP addresses from different subnets.

You can either make fa0/2 on the switch a switchport again, or make the link between the router and the switch reside in the same subnet, that is different from the subnet of vlan1 on the switch.

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On the switch, you assign ip

On the switch, you assign ip address to the vlan interface.  You do not have to add an IP address on the individual switch port.



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