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IP addressing issue with AS5350

We are in the process of rolling out a new RAS solution utilizing three AS5350 access servers. Our scenario is that when a remote user connects to the access server the access server will go to the DHCP server and get an ip address for that connection. When that user disconnects and a new user dials in, the access server re-assigns the previously assigned ip address, from its cache, to the new client without re-quering the DHCP server for a new ip address. How can I force the AS5350 to query the DHCP server for a new ip address for every single connection. We have also noted that the access server does not register the remote client's DNS information with the DNS server (i.e. client's machine for the assigned ip address). I am pretty sure that this is due to the way the access server is re-assigning the ip addresses from it's local cache. My question is; can I, and how to acomplish this task?

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Re: IP addressing issue with AS5350

Access server should querry to DHCP server to allocate ip address to every dialin clients..we need to take a look on the following debug for a call to track ip address allocation from cache

debug ppp negotiation

debug ip dhcp server pack

debug ip dhcp events

Now if you want the access server to accept the ip address for the DNS from dialin client, configure "ppp ipcp dns accept" under the interface which is terminating the call.

By the way here is a sample config for that (allocating ip from dhcp and wins, dns locally)

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Re: IP addressing issue with AS5350

Thanks for the response, it looks like we got the ip address assignment issue resolved. Turns out the "ip cef" command was the culprit. I need to clarify my last question in regards to the machine names registering . We have both WINS and DNS resolving the machine names, however we would like the machine names to populate in the DHCP database when the client recieves an address. Can that be done; if, what is the IOS command for that?


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