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IP ATM Interworking + HSRP


we have 2 cisco 3661. Each device includes 1 ATM-STM1 card and 3 FastEthernet cards. On the LAN-side we would like to use HSRP for redundancy. On the WAN-side (ATM-STM1 card) we have two physical connections to an ATM node (newbridge)(from each Cisco 3661 one physical connection) - After this ATM-node there is one physical connection to an RNC (also an ATM node). From this RNC we would have one PVC over the other ATM node to one of our Cisco 3661 ATM-STM1 card. If this one is broken we would like to have a backup connection to the other ATM-STM1 card. The ATM node use APS to switch the PVC from one STM 1 card to the other. I know I could use "standby track atm 1/0...." ,but I would need the same configuration (IP addresses and pvc information) on both ATM - STM1 cards on the Cisco 3661. Have you any ideas or other solutions for my problem. Thanks a lot. If you need further information don't hesitate to send me an e-mail to: - Cheers Jürgen


Re: IP ATM Interworking + HSRP

I do not see any problem configuring both the routers with the same ip and pvc because at any given point of time only one of the interface is going to be up.

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Re: IP ATM Interworking + HSRP

Sorry for my late answer. The problem is that both WAN - Interfaces are up. But only one PVC is to one of the two STM 1 - interfaces connected. After an PVC(Line) error our ATM - node switches the PVC to the other. Our problem is that HSRP on the LAN side is necessary. And interface tracking is not an option, because all two WAN interfaces are always up.

cheers jürgen

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