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IP cef.. half working

Okay so load balancing accross my 2 T1's with cef. I can upload consistantly at near 400K so I know it's working in the upload direction.

Download after burst usually settles down to about 193K

This makes me think that my ISP does not have it configured on their end. Wanted to get comments / see if there was something I may have missed before I go making phone calls. :)

I enabled IP cef. And just for good measure specifically enabled on each interface just to be double sure.

Thanks all,


New Member

Re: IP cef.. half working

OMG it's sat morning and I posted to a forum, someone shoot me.


Re: IP cef.. half working

Hi Stephen,

So when you see that download rate, is that only on one of the T1s ? What is your reasoning for coming to this conclusion ? Is one T1 being utilised in the downstream direction and the other one is not ?


Re: IP cef.. half working


In addition to paresh's comments i would like to add on for a config check @ the ISP end coz i feel one of your T1 is being used and the other is not.

May be the reverse route for your local lan block is not there via the other T1 @ the SP end.

as suggested chcek the traffic flow on the links if you see one of the links getting chocked then just make the link down and try to find out whether you are able to download thru the other link.


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