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IP Helper address on 6509

I have 2 vlans(Vlan1 & Vlan305) on 6509

on vlan1 i have my dhcp server and i am trying my vlan305 network computers to get ip address from my server which is in vlan1

i configuried the following on my 6509

on my msfc

ip dhcp server 10.x.x.201

on vlan interface 305

ip helper-address 10.x.x.201

my users are not able to get IP. but if i use 6509 as dhcp server ist working fine.

is there any other configuration i need to do.



Community Member

Re: IP Helper address on 6509

Can you provide a summary on how the DHCP server is configured.

What I've noticed is that, ip helper-address doesn't work when you configure a super scope in Win2k DHCP server.

Re: IP Helper address on 6509


The main point has be pointed out by the poster above. Just make sure that your inter-vlan routing is working fine and you are able to reach DHCP server from Vlan 305.Try to set up a static IP address on any one of the host in Vlan 305 and try to reach DHCP server.Its it works OK and you config is fine, somewhere the problem is in DHCP server.

Try to set different scope for each vlan and also try to use a different DHCP server.


-amit singh


Re: IP Helper address on 6509

The one command "ip dhcp server 10.x.x.201" you don't even need if it is a standalone dhcp server , all you should need is the helper address on vlan 305 . This will forward all dhcp requests to that address . The problem is probably in your dhcp server setup if you can ping to the server from vlan 305.

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