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ip helper address

To forward a udp broadcast to a remote subnet, what do I configure for a helper addr? For example if the remote subnet has a router interface addr of do I use ip helper-address or or the router interface?


Re: ip helper address

Your helper address should be either directed to a broadcast or to a unicast address.

The broadcast address for your subnet is If you have a server on that subnet which is supposedly receiving this broadcast, say, then you can even forward your udp broadcasts to that.

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Re: ip helper address

thanks, that sounds like the classical way of doing it. i just started a new job a few months ago and this company does it using the network address, In my example Seemed like a strange way to do it and i'm wondering if there is a reason? It apparently has the same effect. No one here seems to have been involved with the original decision to do it this way vs using the b'cast addr.

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