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ip nat

am i correct in saying that if i have public ip's assigned to me, they dont have to be natted on the internet router, could i route them addresses to further in my network and then nat them ?



Re: ip nat

Yes that is true. You can even decide not to NAT at all and use public IP Addresses for inside hosts <- not a recommendation though :-)


Re: ip nat

public IPs do not have to be natted as you thought.

i wouldn't route them further into your network than the firewall as a best practice but you could very well use public IPs inside your network if it was configured properly.

if you do use public IPs in your network, i don't think natting them inside the network will provide you any gains unless you are stepping on IP address boundaries or want some sort of hidden address for security reasons.

it's best to stay away from public IPs in your network if you can. keep them at the border of your network such as the internet router or firewall where they belong.

Re: ip nat

hi Carl,,,

its not good to assing public ip to your local network. Its better to use some private rang in local lan and enable nat at boundries.

this will help you when u r going to change or migrate from one isp to at that time u just need to change the pool of ip at only boundry router instad of changing all ip of all the host...

and it also good for the point of security...

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